TESTING: Use the same test methods as the pros.

TRAINING: Training based on the newest scientific principles

PERFORMING: Use your full potential and maximize performance on day X!

WELCOME GIFT: Sign up for a performance test and get an individual 12-week training plan for the price of only 2 months!

WOUT & MARCEL: Master in Sport Science + Swiss Olympic Trainer Degree + 8 years of professional cycling

Test your performance level with the latest test methods for cyclists and triathletes, like they are used by the best pros in the world

Training > Train specifically based on a plan

Based on a performance test we make an individual training plan that fits your life. Presumably you are not a pro and you have to plan your training into daily life with other commitments. If you want to improve your performance without investing much more time into the training, you will definitely benefit from a goal-oriented training plan.

PERFORMING > Be ready at the start!

Even when you are at the starting line, knowing that you have done everything in the preceding months of training, it’s never guaranteed that you can use your full potential on that day. With our yearlong race experience in pro cycling, we will support you in the direct race preparation to assure that you won’t make any mistakes. Nothing is more frustrating as investing money, energie and time and then make a avoidable mistake, for example in your nutrition, equipment or pacing strategy.