Many athletes who plan their own trainings, often make the same mistakes.

  • Are you not capable of taking a couple of days off the bike, without getting a guilty conscience?
  • Are you mainly training your strengths and hardly your weaknesses?
  • Are you always aiming for a specific amount of kilometers, no matter how you feel?
  • Do you try to stick as much as possible in one training, so that you have done a bit of everything, e.g. endurance, sprint, intervals, force?
  • After a training, do you look for a the main averages of the ride, instead of the most important 20% of the training?


If you can answer one or more of these questions with "yes", than you would benefit from a cooperation with us. Even if you answered all the questions with "no", you would benefit from having a coach, as you will get new ideas and triggers to bring your performance to a higher level. In addition, discussing with your coach and getting feedback is worth much more than 100 Likes on Strava or Instagram. 


Trainingplan for 3 fitness levels, to download


Price per month: 

40 CHF / 35 €

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Individual training plan with 1:1 support with detailed discussion 1x per quarter.


Price per month:

75 CHF / 68 €

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San Remo

Individual training plan with 1:1 support with detailed discussion 1x per month.


Price per month: 

125 CHF / 112 €

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Individual training plan with 1:1 support with detailed discussion 1x per week.


Price per month:

250 CHF / 225 €

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Personal intake talk

*only in combination with a PPD- or Lactatetest "Test+Talk"

  ✅*   ✅*

Access to private online training plan database on

Access to private document database, with tips and infos to:

weight training, nutrition, time trialing etc.

Individual training plan, based on season goal, and potential training volume 

*only one season goal


Individual training plan, like above. In addition, we take more time to plan the training based on your requests.

Individual training plan, like above, taking into account short term appointments, weather changes and health issues

Discussion of training plan by phone once per... Quarter Month Week
Price** per month with minimum 12 month of contract.

40 CHF

35 €

75 CHF

68 €

125 CHF

112 €

250 CHF

225 €

Price per month with less than 12 month of contract. same

100 CHF

90 €

150 CHF

136 €

300 CHF

270 €

** Prices valid for a one-time payment of all 12 months at once. For montly payments: +10,- on the monthly price.