In the Italian cycling-classic “Il Lombardia” it often happens that the winner is someone who dares to attack and take risks, e.g. an all-in tactic. You can also dare to take the next step and start to train goal-oriented and structured to increase your performance level! You will have access to several training plans that you can transfer directly from TrainingPeaks to your preferred App, e.g. Garmin Connect or others. Every workout will automatically appear on your bike computer and will guide you through the training.

Every plan and every training has a detailed description, so that you can train simple and independent. If you will do an additional performance test, we will help you to choose the right plans. Most plans are available for 3 levels:

  • Beginner (4 trainings per week)
  • Intermediate (5 trainings per week)
  • Advanced (5 trainings per week but more volume)

Price for 3 months: 120 CHF / 105 €

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